BioBailer® Biodegradable Bailer

BioBailers® are standard disposable bailers used for groundwater bore sampling but with the added benefit of being biodegradable* when discarded into a landfill.

As people who care for the environment, it makes little sense to use a single use plastic bailer to sample and monitor the quality of our environmental water, then throw the item away to remain in a land fill for 100’s of years or more.  Let’s not be solving one problem only to be creating another.

BioBailers® are made of PVC  or HDPE with a small amount of an engineered additive to make them biodegradable*.

PVC has higher specific density of 1.3 allowing these bailers to sink faster than HDPE bailers.  Therefore weighting of PVC bailers is not necessary in most applications.

  • BioBailers® Will Not Leach

*As tested by ASTM D5511 these products have been shown to biodegrade within a few years when placed in a landfill

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