Torquer Locking ID Well Plugs

  • Ingenious, reliable locking mechanism, no moving parts
  • Bright highly visible safety color
  • Manufactured from an engineering grade polymer blend, same grade used in industry to replace steel gears
  • Easily convertible to accept your pressure or vacuum gauges and threaded fittings
  • Ultra high chemical and temperature resistant properties
  • Comfort grip, easy on & off wing nut design
  • High-Tech liquid tight seamless dual rubber gasket
  • Superior design, plug will not separate in the well while removing
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled in the field for total decontamination
  • Flush OD design assures easy well installation; lasso around the wing nut and install or abandon your well using your winch or cat lines
  • Accepts #1 or #3 type pad locks
  • 2-Instrument tethering attachments at base
  • Custom/private labeling to your specifications (See your company name, logo, phone number, ect. on the highest quality locking well plugs)
SizePart #Fits ScheduleList Price
1/2”T-.540/80 $17.00
3/4”T-.7540 $17.00
3/4”T-.75/8080 $21.00
1”T-140/80 $11.00
1.25”T-1.2540/80 $11.15
1.5”T-1.540/80 $11.25
2”T-240 $12.00
2”T-2/8080 $14.00
2.5”T-2.540/80 $16.00
3”T-340/80 $15.00
4”T-440 $17.00
4”T-480 $17.00
5”T-540/80 $35.00
6”T-640/80 $40.00
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