ClearView™ Disposable PVC Bailers

ClearView™ Disposable Bailers are Clearly the Best!

  • Made from 100% Virgin, Medical Grade, Clear Rigid PVC
  • PVC naturally sinks in water, due to its specific gravity relative to water
  • Fastest sinking bailer; weighted bailers are designed to have zero flow restrictions
  • PVC is very ridged, stays straight, never bending or distorting under normal care
  • “CLEAR” PVC allows for immediate visual examination of sample
  • Tested and approved by independent lab for leaching, absorption and overall performance (Tested under Methods 8260 & 8260B)
Part #Product Dimension & DescriptionVolume (mL)Unit Per CaseList Price (USD)
CV-1511.5”x1’ – ClearView Bailer34248$144.00
CV-151H1.5”x1’ – ClearView Hydro Bailer34248$218.00
CV-151W1.5”x1’ – ClearView Weighted Bailer34248$177.00
CV-1531.5”x3’ – ClearView Bailer1,02524$84.00
CV-153D1.5”x3’ – ClearView Dual-Check Bailer1,02524$125.00
CV-153H1.5”x3’ – ClearView Hydro-Bailer1,02524$173.00
CV-153W1.5”x3’ – ClearView Weighted Bailer1,02524$102.00
CV-1541.5”x4’ – ClearView Bailer1,36724$94.00
CV-154H1.5”x4” – ClearView Hydro Bailer1,3679$160.00
CV-154W1.5”x4” – ClearView Weighted Bailer1,3679$112.00
CV-1571.5”x7’ – ClearView Bailer2,3929$94.00
CV-703.70”x3’ – ClearView Bailer20024$80.00
CV-703DW.70”x3’ – ClearView Double-Weighted Bailer20024$100.00
CV-703H.70”x3’ – ClearView Hydro-Bailer20024$173.00
CV-703W.70”x3’ – ClearView Weighted Bailer20024$90.00
CV-3333.33”x3’ – ClearView Bailer51009$90.00
CV-333H3.33”x3’ – ClearView Hydro-Bailer51009$162.00
CV-463.46”x3’ – ClearView Bailer8524$73.50
CV-463DW.46”x3’ – ClearView Double-Weighted Bailer8524$84.00
CV-463W.46”x3’ – ClearView Weighted8524$84.00

*All bailers can be produced to custom lengths

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